The West Mill – Darley Abbey, Derbyshire

A shoot for no other reason than to meet your buddies on a cold, grey winter’s day and have a muck about!

Venue – The West Mill

Photography – Matt Brown

Styling – Darby & Joan

Flowers – Tineke Floral Designs

Dresses – Timeless Coulture

Hair – James White

Makeup – Alex Jones

Floral Crowns – Florrie & Eve

Calligraphy – Polly and Me

Cake – Yummy Little Cakes



Cripps Stone Barn wedding, the Cotswolds – Debbie & Dan

Debbie and Dan got married at Cripps Stone Barn in September last year. Debbie got ready on the morning of the wedding at the beautiful Cats Abbey, just up the road from the venue.

Debbie and Dan have some seriously fun friends. It was such a great atmosphere, everyone was having a complete ball!

Here’s a few images from the day.


Flowers – Beth Cox 

Bride’s dress – Freya by Stephanie Allin

Bridesmaids – Dessy dresses in Larkspur

Boys suits – Moss Bros and waistcoats from Zara


Tipi wedding at Swarkestone Pavilion, Derbyshire – Bec & Matt

As you can see from these images, Bec and Matt are one seriously cool couple. They got married last year at Repton Church followed by a tipi reception at Swarkestone Pavilion, Derbyshire.  Sami Tipi provided the tipis and Karen from Darby & Joan was in charge of the styling and catering. Wicked caravan Photo Booth courtesy of Vintage Booth.


The Riding School Calke Abbey Wedding, Derbyshire – Zoe & Jake

Catching up on some blogging, here are a few of Zoe & Jake who got married earlier this year at the Riding School, Calke Abbey.


Shottle Hall wedding, Derbyshire – Robyn & Adam

A few shots from Robyn & Adam’s wedding back at the start of Summer at Spondon Church then Shottle Hall.

Bride’s take note, it’s always useful to have a friend with an Aston Martin for when the bridal car doesn’t show up!


Sami Tipi Wedding – Lisa & Mark

Lisa and Mark got married back in August and boy do they know how to plan a wedding! Lisa’s dad just happens to be a dab hand with a hammer and a saw which Lisa and Mark took full advantage of getting him to knock up a lemonade stand, a cheese cart, countless signs oh and a bar.

These guys were ace and I had an awesome day.


The Riding School, Calke Abbey, Derbyshire – Emma & Adam

This is the wedding of Emma & Adam who got hitched earlier this year at Mickleover church and then on to party at The Riding school at Calke Abbey.

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Villa la Selva Wedding, Tuscany – Kerry & Andy

Kerry and Andy are really good mates and so I was thrilled when they asked me to join them in Tuscany for their big fat Italian wedding. I’ll do a proper blog post on this in a few weeks time with a full write up but for now here’s just a taste. Let’s just say the weather was challenging.

2015-09-29_0001 2015-09-29_0002 2015-09-29_0003 2015-09-29_0004 2015-09-29_0005 2015-09-29_0006 2015-09-29_0007 2015-09-29_0008 2015-09-29_0009 2015-09-29_0010 2015-09-29_0011 2015-09-29_0012 2015-09-29_0013 2015-09-29_0014 2015-09-29_0015 2015-09-29_0016 2015-09-29_0017 2015-09-29_0018 2015-09-29_0019 2015-09-29_0020 2015-09-29_0021 2015-09-29_0022 2015-09-29_0023 2015-09-29_0024 2015-09-29_0025 2015-09-29_0026 2015-09-29_0027 2015-09-29_0028 2015-09-29_0029 2015-09-29_0030 2015-09-29_0031 2015-09-29_0032 2015-09-29_0033

Cripps Stone Barn Wedding, Cotswolds – Anna & Mark

I must admit that when I got married (nearly three years ago now) I became a little bit obsessed with the weather! Will it rain? Will it be sunny? What was it like last year? In fact lets look back over the last ten years of weather history because obviously that’ll help…..….yes I’m a dick!

You’ll be pleased to know that I scored lucky and got glorious sunshine.

The weather God’s weren’t quite as kind to Anna & Mark for their wedding down at Cripps Stone Barn in the Cotswolds. Did they let it spoil their day? Would they have had more fun if the sun was shining? Hell no!

2015-08-14_0001 2015-08-14_0002 2015-08-14_0003 2015-08-14_0004 2015-08-14_0005 2015-08-14_0006 2015-08-14_0007 2015-08-14_0008 2015-08-14_0009 2015-08-14_0010 2015-08-14_0011 2015-08-14_0012 2015-08-14_0013 2015-08-14_0014 2015-08-14_0015 2015-08-14_0016 2015-08-14_0017 2015-08-14_0018 2015-08-14_0019 2015-08-14_0020 2015-08-14_0021 2015-08-14_0022 2015-08-14_0023 2015-08-14_0024 2015-08-14_0025

The West Mill, Darley Abbey Mills, Derbyshire – Styled Shoot

This weekend sees the West Mill open its doors for its first ever wedding. I was lucky enough to be involved in a styled shoot with some kick ass suppliers there back in October, before the renovation work had begun. Derbyshire has been waiting for a venue like this for years and I am so excited to start shooting there, especially as it’s only a five minute walk from my front door. Hats go off to all the team who have worked tirelessly to sympathetically restore this gem of a building, high fives all round.

Venue – The West Mill

Photography – Matt Brown Photography

Styling – Darby and Joan,  Fabric Theatre

Cake – Yummy Little Cakes

Dresses – Alexandra Anne

Flowers – Tineke Floral Designs

Hair – James White

Makeup – Vivien J

Nicest (and coolest) tattooed dude you’ll ever meet – Ben from Blok Knives

2015-07-24_0001 2015-07-24_0002 2015-07-24_0003 2015-07-24_0004 2015-07-24_0005 2015-07-24_0006 2015-07-24_0007 2015-07-24_0008 2015-07-24_0009 2015-07-24_0010 2015-07-24_0011 2015-07-24_0012 2015-07-24_0013 2015-07-24_0014 2015-07-24_0015 2015-07-24_0016 2015-07-24_0017 2015-07-24_0018 2015-07-24_0019 2015-07-24_0020 2015-07-24_0021 2015-07-24_0022 2015-07-24_0023 2015-07-24_0024 2015-07-24_0025 2015-07-24_0026